Juniper Software upgrades on a switch with a single Routing Engine

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Juniper Software upgrades on a switch with a single Routing Engine


1-Download the software package.

2-(Optional) Back up the current software configuration to a second storage option. See the Junos OS Installation and Upgrade Guide for instructions on performing this task.


3-(Optional) Copy the software package to the switch. We recommend that you use FTP to copy the file to the /var/tmp directory.

This step is optional because Junos OS can also be upgraded when the software image is stored at a remote location. These instructions describe the software upgrade process for both scenarios.


4-Install the new package on the switch:

user@switch> request system software add package

Replace package with one of the following paths:

 For a software package in a local directory on the switch—/var/tmp/package.tgz.

 For a software package on a remote server:



where package.tgz is, for example, jinstall-ex-4200-9.4R1.8-domestic-signed.tgz.

Include the optional member option to install the software package on only one member of an EX4200 Virtual Chassis:

user@switch> request system software add source member member-id reboot


5-Reboot to start the new software:

user@switch> request system reboot


6-After the reboot has completed, log in and verify that the new version of the software is properly installed:

user@switch> show version


7-To ensure that the resilient dual-root partitions feature operates correctly, execute the following command to copy the new Junos OS image into the alternate root partition:

user@switch> request system snapshot slice alternate

To update the alternate root partitions on all members of a Virtual Chassis, use this command:

 user@switch> request system snapshot slice alternate all-members



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