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Routing Protocols Owerview

Routing Protocol Types


2-Distance Vector Protocols

There are max hub

Does not calculate

Distance vector protocols are  “route by rumor”

It is ok for middle networks

They use split horizon mechanisim

RIP : Max 15 hops

3-Link State Protocols

Use link speeds to find the best path

The metric Is known as “cost. Cost degeri ile calisirlar

Bir tane master route secilir”             

Have Database

It is okey for middle and large networks



4-Path vector

Internet omurgasini olusturan aglar icin kullanilabilir. Kitalar arasi , Ulkeler arasiu icin idealdir

BGP metric is “MED“`

BGP can use up to 13 criteria to determine best path

Ebgp typically uses the shortest number of `as_paths` for the best path



Hybrid protocols  use a variety of criteria (delay,bandwith,reaibility,load ,MTU)

The metric is known as `composite metric`

EIGRP  (Cisco`s protocol)

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