Routing Protocols Owerview

- Juniper Network
Routing Protocols Owerview


Routing Protocol Types


2-Distance Vector Protocols

There are max hub

Does not calculate

Distance vector protocols are  “route by rumor”

It is ok for middle networks

They use split horizon mechanisim

RIP : Max 15 hops


3-Link State Protocols

Use link speeds to find the best path

The metric Is known as “cost. Cost degeri ile calisirlar

Chose a “master route”             

Have Database

It is okey for middle and large networks




4-Path vector

Internet omurgasini olusturan aglar icin kullanilabilir. Kitalar arasi , Ulkeler arasiu icin idealdir

BGP metric is “MED“`

BGP can use up to 13 criteria to determine best path

Ebgp typically uses the shortest number of `as_paths` for the best path




Hybrid protocols  use a variety of criteria (delay,bandwith,reaibility,load ,MTU)

The metric is known as `composite metric`

EIGRP  (Cisco`s protocol)




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