How to Erase Cisco Switch Configuration

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How to Erase Cisco Switch Configuration

In the event that your switch runs Cisco IOS, it keeps up a running setup record and a startup setup record, both of which you wish to clear.
Take after these steps:
1. Log on to your switch, and enter the privileged EXEC mode by entering enable and after that entering the enable password command.
2. Enter write erase, which eradicates the NVRAM record framework and evacuates all files.
3. At the provoke, confirm simply need to delete all files.
4. Enter reload, and enter no when provoked whether to spare the setup. (otherwise, the switch will reload the current running configuration.)
5. Confirm that you simply need to reload the switch, and your switch setup is nearly clean.












Once the Switch has rebooted run the command show vlan, you will note that the vlan configurations are still there, that is because they are stored in the flash
memory in the vlan.dat file and we also need to delete this for complete removal of the configuration.





















By Following all of the above processes we can completely remove the switch configuration.

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