How to Cisco IOS installation

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How to Cisco IOS installation

Following are the steps that are used to upgrade or installing the ios in both switches and routers.

Verify Current IOS Version

Confirm Current IOS version.










Delete Old IOS
Since we’ll be downloading the new IOS image and moving it to the flash card, we require a few space. So, erase the current old image from the flash card.












Copy the IOS image to Cisco Switch
To exchange the IOS image from your portable workstation to Cisco Switch,you should run a TFTPserver on your portable workstation (or on the framework where you’ve downloaded the IOS image).If you’re running a TFTP server on your portable workstation, and associated to the switch employing a console cable, assign a ip-address to your portable workstation, and put your portable workstation on the same network as the switch.

Copy the IOS image to the flash as appeared below utilizing the “copy command”.









Save Config and Restart the Switch
After restarting the switch new ios will come up and start running.


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