Cisco Networking

CISCO IOS Configuration Step by Step -CLI GUIDE
Do you want to learn to Configure and Manage Cisco Switch / Router /Firewall with CLI ? You will learn from A to Z to prepare configuration for Cisco (IOS) [...]
How to Assign an IP Address on Cisco ?
Enter in router global config terminal mode and then apply following commands Router(Config)#inter serial 0/0/0 Router(Config-if)#ip address [...]
How to Check Diskspace on Cisco Devices
Here is command; SWITCH# SH FLASH   and here is a screenshot
Show Commands on Cisco Devices
Show Version             Show Running Config                       [...]
Port security may be a layer two activity control highlight on Cisco Catalyst switches. It empowers an administrator arrange person switch ports to permit [...]
Vlans Configurations on Cisco
A VLAN could be a bunch of devices on one or more LANs that are arranged to communicate as in the event that they were attached to the same wire, when in [...]
OSPF Protocol Commands on Cisco
RIP Protocol and RIP Commands on Cisco
Here is RIP Commands on Cisco                                     [...]
IP Routing on Cisco Devices
IP routing is the method of sending packets from a host on one network to another host on a different farther network. Routers look at the destination IP [...]
Interface Configurations on Cisco Devices
Interface configuration commands modify the operation of the interface. Interface configuration commands always follow a global configuration command, [...]
Switch Configuration Modes on Cisco Devices
User EXEC Mode After you access the device, you are automatically in user EXEC command mode. The EXEC commands available at the user level are a subset of [...]
How to do Telnet Configuration on Cisco
A device can be managed either locally or remotely. There are various protocols, tools, and services (such as Telnet, Secure Shell ) that are used to [...]
Switch Security and Secure Shell (SSH) Commands on Cisco
Secure Shell (SSH) is a protocol that provides a secure (encrypted) management connection to a remote device. SSH provides security for remote connections [...]
Domain Look Up Disabling and Enabling on Cisco Devices
The domain look up is basically DNS name-to-IP address translation on the router. The Internet’s global naming scheme, the DNS, accomplishes this [...]
Changing Hostname on Cisco Switch and Routers
In order to change the hostname of the router or switch following are the commands that we need to run. Switch>ena Switch#cont t Switch(config)# [...]