Show Commands on Cisco Devices

Show Version







Show Running Config



















Show IP Int Brief






















Show Interface

Use the show interfaces EXEC command to display statistics for all interfaces configured on
the router or access server












Show Controllers

The show controllers command is used to display controller information (primarily diagnostic, driver level details) for an interface. The information displayed varies widely by interface type and is extremely hardware specific.


How to use;

#show controllers serial xxxx


Show Stack Configuration
















Show Buffers

To display statistics for the buffer pools on the network server, use the show buffers EXEC command.

How to use:

#show buffers


Show Memory

The show memory exec command is often used to check the amount of a router’s free memory. In troubleshooting cases where router performance is the focus, this is a major
command used to see the statistics about the router’s
memory. To show memory used, use the show processes memory EXEC command.


How to use:

show processes memory


Show Logging

This command displays the state of syslog error and event logging, including host addresses, and whether console logging is enabled. This command also displays
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) configuration parameters and protocol activity.

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