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Juniper switch,Router Show Commands

Juniper Show Command ->To see all port and Vlan UP/Down #run show interface terse ->To see the ge-0/0/1 port Brief information #run show interface ge-0/0/1 ->To see the vlan number 501 Brief Information #run show interface vlan.501 ->To see port satus vlan member taging and Blocking information #run show ether-switching interface ge0/0/1 ->To see MAC learn from which vlan and port #run show ether-switching table ->To see MAC learn from which port and only Vlan name “Configuration” #run show ether-switching table | match Configuration ->Route Information #run show route ->To see CPU and memory usage #run show system process extensive ->To see only sfid Process information #run show system process extensive | match sfid ->To see the all Configuration #show configuration #show configuration | no-more | display set ->To see running protocol #show protocol ->To See any Firewall #show firewal ->Spanning tree interface parameters #run show spanning-tree interface ->Spanning Tree Bridge Parameter #run show spanning-tree bridge ->Juniper model and software version #run show version ->To see last shutdown and configured time #run show system uptime ->To see Current Data and Time #run show system uptime ->Neighbor Connectivity of Juniper #run show lldp neighbor ->To see the arp list #run show arp ->To see Chassis mac address #run show chassis mac-address
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