Installing JunOS by using a USB Drive

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Installing  JunOS by using a USB Drive

I had to install a Junos on EX2300-C switch and I used this steps:

1.step: Download JunOS from juniper web site: Click here  

I recommend to use EX2300(-C) and EX3400 Series (USB) install media type

2-If you are using windows OS , You must use Win32 Disk imager. I tried  seconds application but feil. (create bootable usb)

Download win32 Disk Imager and select .img file  and Click Write

3.step: You have to minimum 4gb usb

4. step:Connect to switch with Putty or 2. Applacations

5.step:Power on switch

6-Press : space bar and after menu press Control+C

Press 4 for Boot Menu.

Boot Menu

1. Boot [P]revious installed Junos packages
2. Boot Junos in [S]ingle user mode
3. Boot from [R]ecovery snapshot
4. Boot from [U]SB
5. Boot to [O]AM shell
6. Snapshot [B]oot menu
7. [M]ain menu

Press 4 again for boot from USB.

6-step: installing new JUNOS (wait 10-15 minutes)

7.step : Completed

and you can login to switch for administration.





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