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Fortigate Firewall Şifre Yenileme

Fortinet Factory Reset: **You have two minutes (2 minutes) after you plug it in to the power…….** 1. Start Putty 2. Connect the cisco cable (rj45 to DB9) 3. Open word, then type in the Serial Number: (example) FG300B3908605531 4. Then make sure you add bcpb to the beginning of the Serial Number: (example) bcpbFG300B3908605531 5. Copy the Serial Number with the bcpb, make when you copy it no blank spaces are copied: § bcpbFG300B9998605531 Bad § bcpbFG300B9998605531 Good 6. When the login appears type in: § :maintainer 7. Now the password: § Password:bcpbFG300B9998605531 § Just right click the mouse to paste in the ‘password,’ and hit return. 8. Now follow instructions below… § : execute factoryreset § : y Allow it to run its course…. If it was a success? The Reboot should look like this…. Example: FG300B9998605531 login: 9. Type admin to test: § : admin 10. No password is the factory set: § : “press enter” 11. Now you should be in executive level § # 12. Success! Now exit and shutdown § #exit Done
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