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Linux is an Operating system that is being used widely on Computers and servers worldwide. Not only it’s free, but also an open-source project. Which means the source code of the Linux project is publicly available. Anyone can download these Linux distributions (distros) and modify them as they see fit.
Hence there are many popular Linux distributions out there. Such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Fedora. When it comes to choosing the best distro for you, it’s better to have an overall idea about below factors

User interface: Although some Linux versions have user interfaces that are similar to those of other well-known operating systems (like Windows or macOS), others stand out more. If
you’re new to Linux, it could be easier to transfer if you pick a distribution with a recognizable interface.

Software availability: Different Linux distributions have varying pre-installed applications, and some are better suited for particular tasks than others (such as gaming or programming). Choose a distribution that either already includes the software you require or makes it simple to install new software..
Hardware compatibility: It’s crucial to select a Linux distribution that is compatible with your
hardware because some Linux distributions are made to run well on particular types of
hardware (such as older computers or newer laptops with particular capabilities).


With these factors in mind, here are a few popular Linux distros that are well-suited for desktop use:

Ubuntu: is one of the most popular Linux distros, and also there is much pre-installed common software, and it’s supported by a wide range of hardware.

Linux Mint: Another great distribution, Linux Mint is a very reliable distro, and comes with a Windows-like user interface, which increases user-friendliness as most of the common users are familiar with the user interface of Windows OS.

Fedora: known for its focus on innovation and cutting-edge features, is mostly used by developers. This version includes the next-generation features before those are getting released for other distributions. The updates for this distro are comparatively more frequent
than other distros. And we can experience the cutting-edge features of this distribution.

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