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The Complete Linux Course: Beginner to Power User!

Hello my friend,

If you want to start your career in Linux and have little or no knowledge of Linux then I can  help. In this course you will learn Linux installation, configuration, administration, troubleshooting, command line, OS tools and much more…

I have been teaching this exact course in a classroom environment  on internet. Please note 80% of my students who took this course got the job in Linux within months.

Imagine those who take my course only to level up their career, how productive this training can be for them

Following is the list of topics I will cover in this course:  

Beginner level

1) Best Linux distros of 2020: for beginners
2) Run in the Terminal Commands
3) Basic Linux commands: ls, cd, pwd, clear commands
4) Working with files & directories: cat, vi, gedit, mkdir, rmdir, rm commands
5) Managing file Permissions: chmod, chgrp, chown commands and etc.
6) Best Linux distros of 2020: for servers end enterprise
7) Install dual-boot with both Windows and Ubuntu
8) Change the Timezone Commands
9) Working with Filesystem Commands
10) Working with Processes  

Intermediate level
  • Configuring SSH and vnc Connection
  • Extract .tar.gz Files using Linux Command Line
  • Must Know Linux Shortcuts
  • Securely Copy Files Using SCP
  • Package Managers for Linux

  • Linux Expert level
  • Funny Linux Commands
  • Print Execution Time of Shell Script in Linux
  • Using SSH Port Forwarding as a Security Tool in Linux
  • Find the IP Address of a Website in Linux
  • How to Compare Strings in Bash Shell Scripting
  • Load balancing with HAProxy, Nginx and Keepalived in Linux
  • Install DRBD on CentOS Linux Installing and Uninstalling Anaconda in Linux
  • Configuring Graylog Server to Manage Logs on Linux
  • Install WP-CLI on Ubuntu and other Linux distributions
and much much more topics

START NOW  🙂 not tomorrow  

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