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Raspberry Pi : Full Control Course

This course will provide the information you need to Master the Raspberry Pi series zero,1,2,3 and 4

You will understand why the Raspberry Pi is such a versatile tinkering platform by experiencing first hand how well it combines:
  • open hardware, that includes wireless and wired networking and the ability to connect sensors and actuators,
  • the powerful Linux/Debian operating system, which gives you access to high-level programming languages python and c and desktop-level software applications
  • and, the flexibility of open source development software which, literally, powers the cloud applications that you use every day/
  • Much much more!
                          No previous programming or electronics knowledge is required. You get the best information that I have compiled over 3 years of trial and error and experience! Learn the Raspberry Pi 3 fast! Install software, build circuits, make projects! Get started now! I will share  course link soon.   You will find this subjects on this course: Section 1:Introduction:What is Raspberry Pi ? Lecture 1:What is Raspberry Pi ? Lecture 2:Raspberry Pi Buying Guide Lecture 3:How many models has Raspberry Pi ? Lecture 4:Installing and Set up your SD card Lecture 5:How to Install Manjaro on Raspberry Pi? Section 2:What you will need Lecture 6:Which component you need Lecture 7:Troubleshooting Lecture 8:Connect your Raspberry Pi Section 3:Project Ideas for Raspberry Pi Lecture 9:Raspberry Pi Enterprise Applications Lecture 10:Make your own NAS drive Lecture 11:Power Cat Feeder Lecture 12:Stratux Lecture 13:Build a Raspberry Pi weather station Lecture 14:Get Whatsapp on your Raspberry Pi Lecture 15:Pi Rate Radio Lecture 16:Make a Twitter Bot Lecture 17:Kodi media centre and IPTV Lecture 18:Build a robot arm Lecture 19:Build your own magic mirror Lecture 20:Create a dedicated Minecraft machine Lecture 21:Make a phone Section 4:Connect Remotely to your Raspberry Pi Lecture 22:Install & Enable SSH connection Lecture 23:Install & Enable VNC Viewer connection Section 5:Working with Terminal Commands Lecture 24:sudo raspi-config Lecture 25:30+ Linux Commands Raspberry Pi Users Need to Know Lecture 26:5+ Raspi System Management Commands Lecture 27:Network commands Lecture 28:Misc Lecture 29:Warrior commands Lecture 30:3 Commands to Check Connected Devices Lecture 31:Chromium auto load 2 or more tabs, and xdotool will cycle 30 seconds Lecture 32:Install Webmin Section 6:Python Programming Lecture 33:What is Python and First Programming Lecture 34:WHAT CAN A PYTHON PROGRAM DO? Lecture 35:INSTALLING AND UPDATING PYTHON Lecture 36:OPENING THE PYTHON Lecture 37:WRITING A PYTHON PROGRAM Lecture 38:RUNNING A PYTHON PROGRAM Lecture 39:MAKE A PYTHON FILE EXECUTABLE Section 7:C programming language Lecture 40:WHAT IS A C PROGRAM? Lecture 41:WHAT CAN A C PROGRAM DO? Lecture 42:HOW TO WRITE AND RUN A PROGRAM IN C Lecture 43:CREATING THE SOURCE FILE Lecture 44:COMPILING THE PROGRAM Lecture 45:MAKING THE PROGRAM EXECUTABLE Lecture 46:EXECUTING THE PROGRAM and etc.. Your Discount Code %75 : A60B8E30CB1B75587F98


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